Texas Makes Fish Pedicures Illegal

Texas has made fish pedicures, in which clients place their feet into a tub containing small carp that then ingest the calloused areas of clients’ feet, illegal in the state. In a statement, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation stated that fish pedicures are not permitted in Texas under TDLR’s health and safety rules, noting that it researched the health and safety aspects of the procedure, including seeking the opinion of officials at the Texas Department of State Health Services. “Based on this research, we believe that the procedure poses an undue risk to public health and is not consistent with TDLR’s health and safety rules at 16 Texas Administrative Code, Sections 82.100 – 82.114 (barber) and 83.100 – 83.114 (cosmetology). TDLR rules do not permit this procedure because the same fish are used on multiple customers and could transmit infectious diseases. Additionally, the use of live fish does not allow for the footbaths and the holding tank for the fish to be adequately cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the rules,” the statement said. You can read the entire statement here: www.license.state.tx.us/PressReleases/fishped100808.htm.

[source: Nails Magazine]