Sugar Scrubs vs. Salt Scrubs

Sugar scrubs and salt scrubs both exfoliate very well but have different advantages.

Sugar is a mild abrasive because its granules are quite small. Sugar is very moisturizing as it pulls moisture out of the air and applies it to the area you are exfoliating.

Salt is slightly more abrasive than sugar because the granules are a little larger. It is an anti-inflammatory and also cleanses the pores for optimal hydration.

Two Scrubs I Highly Recommend:

Qtica’s Mandarin Honey Sugar Scrub
Sugar exfoliates while honey is an excellent antioxidant and humectant.
(Uplifting mandarin scent)

Creative Nail Design’s Sea Salt Glow
Dead sea salts exfoliate, while sunflower oil and yarrow flower extract soften and condition the skin.
(Soft magnolia fragrance)