Podiatrist Dennis Arnold Passes Away

Dr. Dennis Arnold, the Ft. Worth, Texas-based podiatrist who founded the International Pedicure Association, passed away October 21, 2008 after a long battle with cancer. “Dennis Arnold was a pioneering physician dedicated to enhancing the educational understanding of nail technicians worldwide,” says Dr. Robert Spalding. “He was an accomplished surgeon and held every board certification available in podiatry. He was able to obtain such a large following of nail technicians because of his caring attitude and his intense passion toward improving the infection control skills of technicians nationwide. He set a new benchmark for infection control for nail salons to strive for and will be greatly missed.”

Nail tech and IPA member Athena Elliott met Dr. Arnold when he came to Houston to teach a class. “His vision was impressive, bridging the gap between nail techs and podiatrist,” says Elliott. “Dr. Arnold and the IPA will be known as the spring board our industry needed to take pedicuring to a newer, more respected level.”

[source: Nails Magazine]